Pressure/Vacuum Formed Retainers

At Cardiff Orthodontic Laboratory, we offer a fantastic retainer service. The pressure-formed retainers can be turned around on the same day they are received if necessary. We have a selection of materials available that offer varying levels of rigidity, ensuring that we have everything we need to provide an effective and comfortable retainer for our clients.

Bonded Retainers

We can also turn around bonded retainers on the day of receiving impressions as well. this gives you the confidence to offer quick and effective service to your patients. We also offer traditional twist flex wire and also the newer Straight-8 wire which is quickly becoming our regulars favourite.

Hawley Retainers

As with our removable appliances, our Hawley Retainers can be made to your design with conventional bows, reverse-loop bows, fitted bows, acrylic bows, etc, and also in a variety of colours and/or with motifs.

Other Products

Straight-8 Wire Retainer W

Straight-8 Wire

Twist Flex Bonded Retainer - Upper/Lower

Hawley Retainer

Bonded Retainer with Putty Key

Hygienic Bonded Retainer

Twist Flex Wire Bonded Retainer on Model

Twist Flex Wire Bonded Retainers