Deprogramming splints are used for essentially knocking a patients bite out of occlusion or to help correct any jaw alignment shifts that have occurred due to bruxism, teeth clenching, chewing gum etc.

This splint focuses heavily in reprogramming how the muscles function in the jaw and how the joint of the jaw sits. Common types of deprogramming splints are B splints, Kois deprogrammers and NTI splints.

Standard design:
  • B splint (short term) upper extended 3-3
  • B splint (long term) upper and lower with full posterior coverage
Customisation options:
  • The appliance is made on the upper arch as standard
    but can be made on the lower arch if requested.
  • Colour customisation – See extras section for selection
  • Wire retention
  • Short term upper with full occlusal coverage

Key Benefits:

Used to protect existing teeth from damage

Can prevent posterior teeth from touching

Can help seat the patients jaw properly by retraining the muscles

Help with bruxism and clenching