Guide to Splints Offered by ALS Dental through Cardiff Orthodontics Laboratory

At ALS Dental, we provide a variety of high-quality splint products in collaboration with Cardiff Orthodontics Laboratory. This comprehensive range ensures that dentists can select the most appropriate splint for their patients, enhancing treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Understanding Splints

Splints are dental devices also known by various names including:

  • Occlusal appliance
  • Interocclusal appliance
  • Intraoral appliance
  • Stabilisation appliance

These devices are used for different purposes, such as protecting teeth from grinding, stabilizing the jaw, or assisting in orthodontic treatments.

Types of Splints

  1. Soft Splints
  2. Dual Laminate Splints
  3. Hard Splints (Essix Style)
  4. Hard Splint (Flat Plane)
  5. Hard Splint (With Guidance)
  6. Deprogramming Splint

Selecting the Right Splint

Choosing the appropriate splint involves considering the specific needs and conditions of the patient. Factors include the severity of bruxism, presence of TMJ disorders, and whether the splint is for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

Support and Consultation

Our experts at Cardiff Orthodontics Laboratory are always available to assist dentists in selecting the right splint for their patients. We provide consultations to ensure optimal treatment planning and outcomes.

For more detailed information or to discuss specific cases, dentists are encouraged to contact our team directly.

Splints Guide

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