Twin Blocks

The Twin Block Appliance is the flagship product. With over two decades of constructing beautifully efficient appliances, their technicians are fully qualified to deliver anything thrown at them.

As for the aesthetics for the patient, they provide logos, glitter, and vibrant colours to cover all bases. Patients will be provided with something that is both comfortable and beautiful.

Quad Helix

Perfectly soldered to meet the patient’s needs and polished into a brilliant silver finish.

Trans Palatal Arch

As the Quad Helix above, a perfectly soldered fixed appliance to meet the patient’s needs and polished into the same brilliant silver finish.

Other Products

Lower Appliance with Screw

Quad Helix with Arms

Twin Block with Glitter and Screw

Lower Fixed Expander

Lower Twin Block - Half and Half

Upper Twin Block With Glitter and Screw

Anterior Remodeller

Twin Block Appliance with Screw