Dual laminate splints, also known as hard/soft nightguards, are soft on the fitting surface and hard on the occlusal surface for durability.

This type of splint is ideal for patients with moderate to severe undercuts as the soft fitting surface allows a degree of flexibility and ease on insertion/removal whilst maintaining the durable outer surface

Standard Design
  • 3mm hard/soft material
  • Extended 1mm over the gingiva
  • Full occlusal coverage
Customisation options
  • Anterior bite plane
  • Occlusal flat plane
  • Add guidance
  • Colours (see extras section for selection)
  • Different thicknesses – 1.3, 2, 3, 4 or 5mm

Key Benefits:

Ideal for treating bruxism

Prevents tooth wear

Treatment of occlusal trauma

Good balance of comfort and high levels of protection