Splints Splints can be customised in several ways to suit the needs of the patient’s treatment and cosmetic choices that can be added for patients to add their
personal touch.

  • Add wire retention: Cribs and ball ended
  • Add guidance planes (available on all splints apart from the soft splint)
  • Add colours (Please find the colour guide within the Splints Guide)
You can download our guide to find the colours available for customisation.

Splints Guide

Download here

Send download link to:

How to order

We accept a range of methods to receive your order. Besides traditional impressions that can be posted to the lab or picked up via courier, we also accept digital scans through several different portals, email and WeTransfer.

Search for or to connect to us, alternatively contact your scanner support in order to set up a link.

You can use WeTransfer or send your STL files direct to

To send impressions, you will find our handy tracked returns labels here or call us on 0292 025 1114 to arrange a collection of larger amounts of work.